Yoga Quality Not Quantity


It’s not what you do, it’s the way that you do it…

Winter is officially upon us and as a sun worshipper ,these shorter days can drag me down.

How glad I am for Yoga! The days that I struggle to get on the mat, are the days that I benefit from my practice the most. Pictured is my yoga space. Where do you start a home practice? How?

Creating a Yoga Home Practice

1.Invest in a yoga mat- well done, this is the beginning of your commitment to a wonderful relationship. Place your mat somewhere you will see it Every day, to call you to practice.

2.Decide on a time limit, yes it would be fabulous to practice for 2 hours a day but if you have to ignore family and cancel work to do that, it may not be practical .What is your optimum time and day? 10 minutes that you are solely focussed on connecting breath,body and mind can change your mood and the outcome of your day.

3.Create a little space- Clear away clutter, just enough room to roll out your mat. I began my home practice by keeping my mat at the end of my bed. Light a candle, whatever helps to get you into the yoga zone.

4. Trust yourself- Like singing an old song, and surprising yourself by recalling all the lyrics, trust that if you have a regular class practice, your intuition and common sense, will guide you to practice in a way that boosts your well being.

Tell me what helps you to get on your mat and keep inspired by sharing in the yoga buzz at class class schedule 

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