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Allow me to introduce to you Misia Smith- Advanced skin health and massage practitioner. From Soothe, West Bridgford

Misia offers fantastic facials and massages I love them! Yoga is wonderful for helping to de stress but at times we need a deeper release that touch therapies create. Sometimes we feel guilty taking ‘me time’ but when we nurture ourselves through our yoga classes and relaxation therapies we can deal with the busyness of life feeling steadier and calmer.

Misia explains more below:

It seems that every person who walks through my studio door is stressed. Some don’t even realise they’re stressed until they emerge from their hours blissful relaxation treatment.

The changes they feel in their physical and emotional wellbeing after their treatment can be profound and it may sound a little dramatic- life changing.

We live very busy, stressful lives and most of us are constantly on the go and feeling overwhelmed and never able to switch off. But did you realise feeling like this can have a detrimental effect on your mental and physical?

Stress means our bodies are in a constant state of ‘fight or flight’. This is a natural physiological protective mechanism, you may not even realise that’s how you’re living day to day.

Feeling “on edge” releases hormones into our bloodstream, which make the heart beat faster eventually leading to high blood pressure and palpitations, and makes our muscles contract causing tension and pain over a period of time. Stress hormones also divert oxygen from the gut and skin so it can be utilised by the brain, heart and lungs in readiness for action.

Have you ever wondered why stress brings on your IBS symptoms or why your skin gets dry and blotchy?

It’s so important to de-stress regularly but we so often feel guilty about nourishing ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually but research has clearly demonstrated the calming effect of human touch.

Regular relaxation therapies that I offer such as wellbeing massage, holistic facials and other touch therapies have profound benefits on your health and mental wellbeing.

Did you know a little bit of ‘time out’ enhances your performance at work and home, improves your self perception, enhances your relationships with your partner and family because you’re feeling happier, calmer and more contented?

I’ve seen that my clients find massage a great way to find the strength and vigour they need to cope with life’s daily stresses. It not only eases their physical  symptoms but helps calm and clear their minds allowing them to be with themselves and daydream- when great insights occur.

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