Am I Making Progress in my Yoga?


It’s always lovely when students thank me for a great class and for helping them in their yoga practice. As nice as it is to know that I’m delivering a good, inspiring yoga class, the real work comes from you, the student on the mat.A yoga teacher facilitates your ever deepening yoga journey.It is brilliant  seeing students developing  their yoga practice.

How do you know you are making progress in your yoga practice?

Below is a great quote that highlights the purpose behind the physical yoga practice.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes,It is what you learn on the way down”

First of all, let us remember that progress isn’t just about achieving a beautiful arm balance or lotus pose. Depending on your strength and flexibility you might be one of those people who can drop into a splits or fold your knees into lotus pose without ever going to a yoga class!

When we develop a consistent yoga practice we take a journey, observing and exploring our habits, fears and limiting beliefs. We try to practice with Sthira Sukham, steadiness with ease.

Pay attention to the postures you prefer to avoid..why is that? Assuming modifications are being offered that are appropriate for you, do you really need to have a drink of water right now, go to the toilet right now?

I have been that student, who did everything to avoid Handstands. Even walking out of a class that I took so much trouble to get to, because I was so terrified to attempt going upside down for the first time.

14 years later, I have managed to turn the volume down on my inner critic, my handstands may be a little unpredictable and I’m still working towards unsupported handstand.

It’s a wonderful feeling to overcome  self doubts and discover something new about yourself.

For some people the most challenging posture is Savasana, letting go of our busyness and just being, can be hard but offers many benefits and is the purpose of the physical practice.

Do celebrate your progress that has come out of your self discipline and consistent practice but Don’t get fixated on judging your yoga seniority by the postures you have achieved. When you become elderly or injured and no longer able to practice that posture, how will you know you are making progress??

If fear is getting in your way- be kind to yourself, appreciate all your efforts that you are attempting something that is difficult.

Let your teacher know and they can support you on your journey.

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