Life after a yoga training – My interview with YogaCampus

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I’m frequently asked advice on choosing a yoga training to become a qualified yoga teacher. I took my first training with The Life Centre, now called Yoga Campus based in London.

They recently contacted me to be interviewed as an inspiring teacher trainee graduate.

A real honour!

I’ll be posting more blogs soon, on choosing a yoga training, things to consider if you want to transition into becoming a yoga teacher, but for now, enjoy the interview. Take a look at the Yoga Campus website to help you decide what’s important to you, when studying for a yoga teaching career.

When was your first introduction to yoga?

Around 15 years ago, when my second child was just a few months old. I had a strong urge to move my body and do something just for me. I didn’t know anything about yoga and bought a power yoga video because you didn’t need to buy lots of equipment.

To start with, I could only manage a few postures but something kept calling me back to it.

At what point did you decide that you wanted to train as a teacher?

I had been attending yoga classes for around three years and loved it so much! I wanted to learn everything there was, including the philosophy and history of yoga. I was not intending to actually become a teacher – just feed my knowledge!

Why did you choose to train with Yoga Campus?

Ten years ago there were alot less yoga trainings to choose from. YogaCampus appealed to me because it was not teaching one specific style. Modules were taught by several different, highly experienced great teachers.

I was accepted onto the second intake in 2005.

What was your biggest highlight on the course?

Having to choose a 5 day intensive, opened my eyes and ears to wonderful international teachers I had not heard of before, such as Tias Little and Shiva Rea.

And the biggest challenge?

The most challenging thing was standing in front of my peers to teach a session for the first time, while your teachers observed. Nerve wracking! It had not occurred to me before, all the things a good yoga teacher must consider while creating a relaxing, safe space for the students.

How has your life changed since graduating?

Over the ten years, I have become a full time, well established vinyasa flow yoga teacher based in Nottingham.

In many ways, I still feel like a beginner, as there is so much to learn about the practice of yoga and how to convey inspiring classes to all levels.

What is really exciting you right now in your work and in your vision of the future of yoga? 

I love mentoring yoga teachers, it is wonderful to give support and encouragement, just as I have received. Many yoga teachers burn out or never fully flourish, often under valuing their skills and lack of confidence in how to establish themselves. Over a decade of teaching, I have made some business mistakes and had to understand the often complex relationship between teacher and student.

Not starting yoga until my thirties and now hitting the big 5o, I’m passionate about not letting our own limiting beliefs and labels stop us from being fully who we want to be.

YogaCampus offering teacher trainings in London and Hebden Bridge

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