Vinyasa playlist for yoga


Below are some of my current favourites to add to my vinyasa class playlists.

Not to run consecutively, but they each have a special quality to add to your yoga session.

Music is a tricky thing, as we don’t all find the same songs uplifting.

I find it strange, if in a class there is music playing in the background quietly, with no relevance to the pace or tempo of what is being taught.

Silence is powerful too, our lives are so full on, people can be afraid of quiet but don’t be afraid to use it.

Yoga teachers, try out the music with your sequence before teaching it.

Make sure that when you need to give clear instructions it’s not while a song with loud vocals is playing. If things go awry turn the music off, you can always use it again later.

I hope you enjoy these tracks

Let me know about your favourite yoga tunes.

How is your yoga teaching work going? If you need support and mentoring advice, please do get in touch.

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