Yoga Workshops? Why Bother?

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Yoga  workshops?  Why bother?

A common question that I get asked by yogis (old and new) is if they are experienced enough to attend one of my yoga workshops. The answer is, “Yes, absolutely!”  My workshops are designed for a range of levels, and I pride myself on having the teaching knowledge and experience to make it accessible to every student who has made the effort to roll out their mat for some vinyasa flow!

So what are some benefits of coming to a workshop you might ask yourself? Well, here are just a few:

A workshop is longer. My longest regular class is 90 minutes (which still allows a full yoga practice) but at the next workshop Yoga Workshop~Arm Balance & Going Upside Down you’ll have the opportunity to go far deeper into your practice during 2.5 hours of vinyasa flow.

You’ll heat up and you may even want to gradually try out some of the more challenging poses, but it’s entirely up to you: you set your own limits! Child’s pose is always an option throughout the workshop.

There’s time to ask questions. At regular classes, there isn’t the additional time to have discussions about asanas between myself and my students in any detail. But at my workshops, yogis can ask questions, try poses with the help of modifications and  explore yoga on a deeper level.

You get to try out some new poses (or rest in child’s pose). Over the 2.5 hours you’ll experience a class that is designed so that everyone from the beginner to advanced yogi is able to try out the more challenging poses because I give clear instructions on how to work towards asanas in stages. No-one is ever sitting on their mat thinking, “I can’t do this.” Instead you’ll be silently mouthing, “I can’t believe I’m doing this!”

It helps you build confidence in yourself. At yoga workshops one of my core aims is to demystify poses that seem unattainable, like arm balances and inversions. The thing to remember is everyone has to start somewhere, and yoga is about taking baby steps into unchartered-territory!

You’ll also find that by exploring new poses in workshops compliments your regular yoga class.

So, I’d like nothing more than to give you more detailed advice on how to perfect your alignment in some of the asanas that we’ll be doing at the next Nottingham yoga workshop.


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