The Mandala of Backbends

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A yoga workshop focusing on the how and why of  backbends

When: 24th September,  10 to 12.30

Yoga backbends should feel very different from that phrase ‘bend over backwards’ which is used to express extra effort that’s been made for someone else, usually without any thanks!

When you understand the alignment needed and a lifting sensation instead of pushing, bending backwards becomes a beautiful and graceful thing.

Backbends build strength,flexibility, lengthen the spine , tone the core and help to open the hips.

How can we move into the unknown and practice more challenging yoga backbends?

In this intermediate/advanced yoga workshop expect to touch your edge with in depth work , warming and preparing the body. Learning key enhancements to truly blossom your heart open.

Amidst the mandala, practice Natarajasana-Lord of the dance. A glorious heart opener and standing balance.

Have guidance on variations for more advanced challenge, gentle hands on assists and learn modifications with belts and props to make more poses accessible.

Backbends will feel lighter,more open, use your new knowledge about your body in your regular yoga practice.

Teachers, explore ways of sequencing and modifications within a vinyasa flow yoga class to refresh your class offerings.

Cost £20 payment in advance to secure your place

Venue All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd, NG2 5BP

Contact Monique to book your place

Cancellation Policy

If you have secured a place on a yoga workshop and you cannot attend, please be aware, that you must give two weeks’ notice in order to receive a full refund. If cancelling less than two weeks prior to the workshop, then you would not be entitled to a refund.






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