Creative Core Strength


October 29th~2pm to 4pm

What is Core strength?

Our yogic perspective is much broader than trying to attain a ‘six pack’.

As well as improving balance and stability we find a deeper inner strength that supports us continually.

Improved core strength improves posture and supporting the lower back can relieve back pain.

Moving from a properly engaged core, there  is more energy to deepen postures and explore your individual possibilities.

This yoga workshop will be a creative, vinyasa sequence focusing on yoga core work that awaken the core muscles of the torso, pelvic diaphragm and iliopsoas.

Expect energising pranayama (breathwork) to learn connection with our breath, the diaphragm and abdominal muscles.

Learn the deeper, subtler aspects of the core centre in our yoga practice as a source of personal power. When we feel internal strength, we can support ourselves more through the ups and downs of modern life.

Radiate inner power via fun practices on and off the mat to cultivate the digestive fire and cultivate willpower.

Booking £20 payment in advance

Contact Monique to book your space, places are limited to 12 for plenty of individual attention.

Akasha Yoga Centre,

Open to students of all yoga styles apart from complete beginners and pregnant students

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