Ayurveda Health Tips for a Healthy Autumn


Ayurveda is closely linked to yoga but apart from my own guess work at what dosha I am, I’ve never investigated further. Until recently, after encouragement from Veronica Layunta- Maurel, Akasha Yoga Centre Director and an Ayurveda Health Coach, I had a consultation with ayurveda practitioner Sharon Jackson of Ayurveda Lifestyle.

Currently into week 2 of a detoxing cleansing plan, things are going well!

Pleasantly surprised that I am allowed one cup of organic filter coffee a day, the biggest change has been ensuring my main meal is between 12 -1pm when the digestive fire, agni is at its strongest and avoiding snacks between meals.

I tend to be a snacker if I’m bored ,tired…deserve a treat but I’m already surprised that eating well at lunchtime, I’m not feeling the snacking urge and my digestion and energy are thanking me for it.

The majority of a full time yoga teacher’s work is in the evenings which can muck up your meal times. We don’t want to practice on a full stomach and if you’re home late, you don’t want to be up all night trying to digest a late meal.

Below are 3 ayurveda autumn health tips from Veronica to help you transition into autumn

1.Make the most of the abundance of late summer,local organic produce.

2.However, start shifting from astringent, cold and dry foods like salads to warmer soups, dahls and kitcheris. Think warm and creamy!

3.To cleanse out the accumulation of heat that has happened during summer, eat plenty of bitter greens, drink Tulsi tea to keep you grounded and calm during this time of movement and change.

4. Practice yoga and meditation, focus on sequences that encourage a sense of grounding.

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Veronica is a Dru yoga and meditation teacher, find her classes on the timetable at Akasha

To book an ayurvedic consultation with Sharon and discover more about your dosha, constitution and how to boost your immune system through autumn and winter,please contact Akasha Yoga Centre

My next workshop is at Akasha will be a great agni booster and Core Strengthener Read More

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