3 Tips on How to Plan a Yoga Class

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The thing about being a yoga teacher and planning a yoga class is that it’s similar to learning to drive,

you can only try it out by actually getting up there and doing it.
Standing in front of a class of real, breathing people!

In my early days, just imagining teaching brought me out in a cold, terrified sweat but if you want to become a yoga teacher and if that’s why you have taken a certified course then you have to just break through the nerves.
When I first started teaching I wanted to emulate my first vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea.

Creating complicated, flowing yoga class plans that in the end left me befuddled with my left and rights and forgetting one side.

A disappointing start but I learnt from my mistakes.
I often receive emails from teachers who are certified to teach but feel ill equipped when planning and delivering a good, interesting but safe class.

Here are 3 tips to help boost your teaching skills and confidence

1. Keep it Simple –Choose a pose to plan around and work backwards, remember keep it simple! Choose a posture you practice and know well that is accessible to a level 1 student.
2. To plan for a mixed level class – choose 3 postures and plan 3 different ways to offer each pose to accommodate the whole class.
3. Offer up to three instructions or alignment points for a pose – I used to talk way too much (I still have to reign myself in) wanting to give as much information as possible. Students need time to breathe and just feel into the posture.

And finally, who are you serving with your sequence?

Check in with your satya- truthfulness radar, does this yoga class plan really enhance the clients wellbeing ? Or is it so complicated only the teacher and one student can attain it?

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