Which Yoga Level to Choose

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Are you wondering which yoga class to sign up to?

Some of my classes are listed as a mixed level class that’s from yoga level 1-3 and the sequences are devised to offer variations of poses to suit all, from beginner’s to advanced.

Joining a class that is dedicated to a specific yoga level, allows for all the poses and breathing exercises to be taught at a pace that gives the students time to focus on the details without feeling overwhelmed.

Some students want a slower pace of vinyasa flow class and opt to practice in the level 1 for several years, which is totally fine.

Not sure how to choose? Level 1, 2 or 3? Here’s a description of what to expect:

Level 1: This is for people new to yoga and yoga practitioners who are new to vinyasa flow yoga or if you have had a long yoga break. Learn the basics and foundation yoga poses. Receive clear instruction on alignment and how to use props to modify the poses to adapt for your individual needs.

Level 2: Suitable for experienced beginners, you know your downward dog from upward dog and can flow through a level 1 class with ease. The poses are slightly more challenging, requiring more strength and flexibility and more poses will be connected in a sequence. Expect arm balances and inversions to be introduced.

Who is Advanced?

A true advanced yogi, is the student who resists the urge to push beyond their limitations in keeping up with a challenging class and listening to their body, happily chooses to rest in child’s pose whenever needed.

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