Summer Magic – A Hip Opening & Flowing

hip openers

Celebrate Midsummer Magic with a stimulating and activating hip opener workshop

Saturday 24th     June 2-4pm

Enjoy a yoga workshop session that incorporates asana with music and mudras to celebrate your successes and release tight hips to feel freer in mind and body.

Practice creative vinyasa flow variations of surya namaskars, sun salutations, to open the body and increase circulation, slowly, progressing into effective hip openers including two of my favourites Bird of Paradise and Sury Yantrasana- sun dial pose.

It is common for the hips to be an area of tightness, in particular if you sit a lot -that’s most of us then! Or if you do a lot of sports like athletics.

The hips are said to be where we store emotions and so, as we release physically we also can surrender what no longer serves us emotionally.

Benefits of yoga hip openers:

Improve lower back pain, balance and posture

Improve your flexibility and stability

Suitable for all yoga students except complete beginners.

Investment £20

Venue: Akasha Yoga Centre, Wollaton Rd Beeston

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Please contact Monique before booking if you have any medical or physical issues that may affect your practice.

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