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Being a Yoga teacher is a fantastic job, there is nothing finer than seeing your students looking refreshed and relaxed at the end of a beautiful session that you have facilitated and delivered.

The truth is Yoga teachers have to spin a lot of different plates to be able to provide great classes and survive financially.

My mantra has become work smarter not harder!

Do you find yourself hustling for classes and rushing all over the place?
Feeling bored of your class plans?
Chasing students for payments?

Or maybe once you qualified your confidence dipped and you’ve not taught a class yet?
Is there a goal or project you would love to create- if only you knew how to do it?

Over many years I’ve worked my way through such issues.

The Yoga Mentor Programme was created to help provide Yoga teachers with solutions to these issues and much more.

The current group are taking great leaps in their careers in so many ways that will set them up very well long term.

Some of the work has been establishing clear systems for payments, valuing the skills you offer, building a private yoga client base, ensuring you have space and the time for essential self-care and self-practice.
Are you curious about mentoring and how it can support you in your yoga business?
You may like to arrange a Discovery call with me, email
it’s a 30 minute free Skype or phone call to talk about your current situation with advice from me on how the Mentor Programme can help you too.

Enrolment is now Open for the next programme starting in September 2017!

To book your place investment is £750~ instalment plan is available on request

**I am very pleased to offer an Early bird discount of £599 until 31st August 2017 ~ Instalment plan is available.

To book a Discovery call contact

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