Start Yoga in 2018! New Yoga Beginner’s Course

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If you are curious about the practice of yoga and how it helps strength, flexibility & destress  this is for you!

The next 4 week Beginner’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga course starts on Monday 15th January 2018


A perfect place to dip your toe into the deep yoga waters, suitable for people wanting an active form of Yoga and are complete beginners, students returning after a long gap or needing a slower pace after injury or post pregnancy(after 6 week all clear).

What will you learn?

Learn the foundation postures practiced in vinyasa flow Yoga and receive expert guidance on alignment and how to modify postures to suit your individual needs and making the practice more accessible.

The way we breathe can encourage the body and mind to relax, discover simple breathing exercises that you can use on and off the mat.

Learn how to chill out! Every class is completed with Savasana the final relaxation, this is a key posture of our yoga practice. Training body and mind to let go, let go of all the busyness. Not always easy to do, you will be led through simple techniques to help you.

On completion, if you want to progress to a relatively more active session, you will be welcome to join the mixed level class.

Am I too stiff for yoga?

Something I get asked frequently! You are never too stiff to start yoga.

The beauty of the ancient system of yoga is its about much more than dropping into a splits or wrapping legs around your neck. The postures will help to stretch and tone your body and alignment details will help you to address musculature weaknesses and tensions.

I’m bendy do I have to start in the Beginner’s class?

Being very flexible is not a sign you will automatically be good at yoga, being very mobile can also do injury if we over stretch.

The 4 Week Course will teach you:

Every week focus on slow warm ups and then practice a sequence that focuses on one of the themes below;

Discover Standing poses, Balance, Backbends, Twists, Forward bends and Hip openers

Learn how to practice a form of Surya Namaskar meaning sun salutes.

The Benefits of Yoga are many and here are a few:

Improved posture

Feel stronger

More flexible

Release chronic tension

Whatever motivates you to sign up is a great start!

Booking is open now    Venue: All Hallows Halls, NG2 5BP

Places are limited to 10  allowing everybody plenty of personal attention

Investment: £30 payable in advance to secure your place

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