why don’t we do it in the road?~The meaning of yoga

the meaning of yoga

The photographs featured on my website and Facebook have created a lot of interest from people curious about the meaning of yoga, even from some who had never considered yoga at all.

They were certainly a lot of fun to create, jumping in out of postures between rush hour cyclists and abandoning my fear of standing out in a crowd.

Please note, I didn’t really go into the road, I may have been a puzzling sight for early morning Nottingham commuters but no one was hurt in the making of this yoga shoot!

What inspired me? I love looking at beautiful, aspirational shots of yogis photographed against an amazing backdrop; balanced in crow pose on the edge of a mountain or in handstands on a tropical beach but I live in a city, with a backdrop of buildings.

The word Yoga means union or to yoke together, an evolving practice of over a thousand years old, that helps us to create more balance and harmony in body, mind and soul . To feel more at peace with yourself and less reactive.

Living in the modern world full of busyness, life changing events and global disasters, we need something to tap into that helps to soothe and bring steadiness.

For me, yoga is that magical helper, discovered when my two children were toddlers with no understanding of sleeping through the night. Alongside a new physical strength, I noticed more moments when rather than getting wound up or react in angry shouting, I felt a pause button switch on. A powerful pause that lets me re- consider my actions and see the person in front of me is also human.

So getting back to my website pictures, in particular this one by a busy road, for me it symbolises the essence of yoga and the surprising power of yoga that even when you step off the mat back into your daily life you can pause and breathe.

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