How to do Yoga to Chill Out ~ When you can’t get to a Yoga Class

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Learn 2 simple Techniques using Yoga to Chill Out

Tis the season to be Jolly…

Seasons Greetings to you!

The Christmas holidays have begun and that may mean lots of travelling around the country visiting relatives and friends with an abundance of food and drink a flowing.

Even with our best intentions tempers can frazzle and patience becomes stretched to the limit as the kids squabble or you find yourself morphing  back to a moody teenager (or is that only me?!)

Your Yoga class is closed for the holidays and your home is full of visitors with little space or time to roll out a Yoga mat.

And so, the Yoga challenge is to carve out a little ‘Me time’ that quickly helps us to chill out. Even 5 to 10 minutes can transform our mood and energy.

Here’s two of my favourites

Grab a bolster or create one with cushions and a blanket

Get into Child’s pose and pull the bolster between your legs, fold forward resting your head on the bolster. Feel your breath filling your lungs with a soft, relaxed belly and let your hips release.

Stay here for 8  breaths (1 breath is an inhale & exhale)


how to chill out at home


Pranayama to chill out

Sit in a comfortable position either on the floor or chair

Close your eyes, focus on full belly breaths, start to count your inhale up to the count of 4, exhale slowly to the count of 6. Continue for as long as you need.

When you finish, allow a few moments to continue to soak up how you feel now.

Note anything that feels positive.

Appreciate how you have tapped into your inner toolbox of skills, to manage your body and mind and become responsive instead of reactive.

Picture in your mind’s eye how this helps you in all your interactions with people around you, see how they will respond to you in this calmer state and even better if you can share with others your magic steps to getting back into the chill zone.

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