Oct-2018 Yoga Core Strength Blast ~Guest BWY session~ Chesterfield

core strength

Join Monique At Saltergate Yoga Studio

Saturday 6th Oct- 10-12

Learn unique ways to power up from your core without a ‘crunch in the bunch’!

Moving from a well engaged core, means there is more energy to try challenging yoga poses, such as arm balances and explore infinite possibilities.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or yoga student there will be lots of valuable information that you can incorporate into your regular yoga practice.

Strong core muscles help to stabilise and support the spine – We’re not interested in building a rock hard six-pack, for this!

Expect an innovative sequence of yoga for core strength that releases tension and encourages more suppleness in the abdominals and allows for deep breathing.

Best of all move your body in ways that aid mobility and strength in our daily life.

Radiate inner power via fun practices to cultivate digestive fire and cultivate willpower.


Monique Fryer has been teaching yoga and leading accessible workshops since 2005. She has gained many fantastic techniques to support students in achieving physical & emotional well-being.

Monique’s  classes are described by her students as welcoming, and knowledgeable offering professional guidance and inspiring students to have fun exploring new perspectives and possibilities!


Hosted by BWY Eastmidlands: www.bwy.org.uk/eastmidlands
Tickets  £20 Or £15 early bird open to non members

To Book Visit Here: Core Blast Yoga


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