Yoga Binds to Unwind & Release

yoga binds

Yoga Binds to Unwind  Workshop

Join Monique At FlowMotion.Life Studio in Matlock

Saturday 9th June 10- 1pm

Yoga binds are postures that we wrap arms, legs or yoga props around the body.

The body becomes ‘bound’ and takes us physically deeper into the pose. Embracing yoga binds takes us on a path to deepen our practice and yoga journey.

What are the benefits?

Wrapping arms around the body helps to  open the chest and expands the heart space, improving shoulder rotation.

Binds in twists allow us to maintain the posture for longer, deepening the experience of the twists.

Relaxes muscle tension~ using binds to hold a pose, the muscles holding the body can relax and release into the posture.

Examples of Bound Poses

Bound side angle, bound Trikonasana, Bird of paradise, Noose pose, Bound head to knee & Gomukhasana

This workshop will show you how to warm and prepare the body and as you use props wherever needed, the binds become more accessible.

My favourite reason to try binds is that they keep us open to curiosity, playfulness and they are fun!

Investment £30 payment in advance Or £55 if you book this session as well as the Core Blast session on 12th May at FlowMotion.Life

Please email to book your place.

Visit:  FlowMotion.Life  

please note FlowMotion.Life cannot refund unless they can sell your place.

Open to yoga students who are comfortable practising variations of surya namaskar, sun salutations


Monique is a Senior Yoga Teacher and a certified Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, with over a decade of teaching experience, leading classes, workshops and retreats in the East Midlands. For more info about Monique visit here

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