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Teaching private yoga that supports your students and empowers you.

Saturday 8th September


Teaching yoga to your students one on one can be wonderful, to tailor yoga practices more precisely to their needs.

Whether it’s creating bespoke lessons to help them progress to a more challenging yoga pose, injury rehabilitation or simply Me Time.

When I mentor yoga teachers, one area that I encourage them to dive into is teaching private yoga because not only is it a satisfying way to help students, it’s also a highly smart, financial way to work.

Trying to build a regular living wage, solely from group classes is unsustainable. Think about how much the average gym pays for a class- around £25 outside of London.

That’s a lot of group classes you have to teach to have a sustainable income!

Teaching privates can feel daunting and working closely with one person can make teachers feel apprehensive.

Which is totally fine and understandable, especially if your yoga teacher training didn’t cover private yoga teaching.

The Yoga Oasis- art of teaching private yoga session will give you great practical advice that you can implement straight away.

Know how to plan and deliver sessions that meets the students deepest needs and the business of building and running a thriving private yoga practice.

You will learn ways to:

Connect and communicate with your student

Creating and preparing a welcoming  space

To confidently set a rate that reflects your worth

How to look after your personal security

By the end of this session you will have great ideas on how to look after your clients, ensure they are happy and recommend you to others!

Investment £30 OR £55 to also book Yoga Oasis- Art of Teaching Workshops & Retreats

Venue: All Hallows Halls, Nottingham NG2 5BP

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