6 Yoga Teaching Tips to Make Great Workshops

setting up your own yoga class

Running yoga workshops is a great way to help your students deepen their yoga knowledge, share your passions and connect with potential new students.

So, here’s my top yoga teaching tips on how to run great yoga workshops.

Firstly, what is a workshop? Its in the word – a place to focus on a specific aspect, take it apart and break it down. For example a handstand workshop will have opportunities for students to stop, start exercises.

The duration is longer from 2 hours onward to allow time for theory, practice and discussion.

  1. Who is your target market?

Do you know your target market? When you plan your theme, some things to consider are what do your students struggle with, or often ask your advice on? Do you have something you feel very passionate about?

2. Turn Up Your Volume!

The biggest lesson I learnt when I was struggling to fill an event, was people need a lot of polite reminding. One email and one Facebook post a month will not be enough.Create engaging visuals or video. That means NO screenshots of your flyer on social media. What will make someone stop scrolling?

3.Think outside the box for venues

You don’t have to stick to studios or community centres, teachers are using lovely spaces such as art galleries, churches, the sky’s the limit!

4. Know your worth

Pricing your yoga workshop needs to cover all of your planning time, that includes answering enquiries and marketing. How many people do you need to cover your costs?

5. Small is beautiful

There is an amazing energy being part of a large workshop but, don’t get hung up on the volume of attendees being a sign of success. Many of my students feel safer, and less vulnerable in a smaller workshop. Not only are they getting a unique offering from you but, they are guaranteed more of your individual, professional guidance. Hint: Factor this into the pricing

6. Have a clear Call To Action

Every mention of your yoga workshop must contain all the details clearly:  when, where & how to book.

Therefore, making  the journey from interested potential student, to fully booked as smooth and easy as possible.

Understanding these steps will help you boost your yoga business and attract your dream students .

My next yoga teachers session in Nottingham will walk you through the many stumbling blocks, helping you to create yoga workshops, that are effortless and enjoyable.

More Details Here : The Art of Running Great Workshops  

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