Healthy Hips & a Journey to Bird of Paradise

happy hips

Yoga Workshop in Nottingham

10- 12pm , Saturday 9th February 2019

Happy, healthy hips can move with ease and efficiency into running, squatting, balancing and smoothly getting up and down from the ground.

But, if we don’t nurture our body with a full range of movements it becomes accustomed to habitual patterns of movement we do on a daily basis- sitting for several hours, hunching over computers and phones, cradling toddlers on your hip.
The effect is less mobility:
Do your hips ever feel like you’re wearing too tight jeans? Lower back twinges?

Well, it’s never too late to nurture your body with a bigger range of movement.
This yoga workshop will give special attention to the amazing hips and lower back whilst taking you on a journey towards the balance pose bird of paradise.
A lot of yoga practice focuses on hip opening but, not all hips need more opening!

There are muscles in your pelvis that even with yoga often get overlooked and underused like your brilliant backside.
Enjoy a practice that will engage, strengthen and build stability in your hips.

The fun of this journey is that if you have hips then you will be nourishing your body in many diverse ways whether you are a beginner or longtime yogi.

You’ll be able to incorporate the exercises into your regular practice and continue the good work for stable hips that feel strong and mobile to carry you through every day.

Investment: £20   Payment in advance is essential to confirm your space

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Venue: All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd, Nottingham NG2 5BP

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