Yoga for Strong & Supple Shoulders

yoga for strong shoulders

Saturday 27th April,  10- 12.30pm

All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd, Nottingham NG2 5BP

This yoga workshop focusing on yoga for strong and supple shoulders will be a wonderful session of  practices to help you release tightness, improve mobility and wellbeing in your shoulders.

We can carry so much tension and stress in our shoulders and neck. Modern life of poor alignment, hunching or text neck doesn’t help, if you’ve ever sat hunched over a computer then you’ve probably experienced it firsthand!

The shoulder joint is a vulnerable joint, even in yoga, moving into poses like chaturanga repeatedly can cause wear and tear to the shoulders.

Join in and learn how to avoid injuries, increase the suppleness of your shoulders and discover great functional moves to improve your strength.

Workshops are the perfect way to go a little deeper, honing your technique and understanding, designed to enhance your personal experience of moving your body in a variety of ways that nurture body and mind.

Leave feeling more spacious in your shoulders and upper back with simple tips to take home.


Students of all levels are welcome. Places are limited to allow plenty of individual attention.

Investment £28    Advance booking and payment is essential to avoid disappointment

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