Yoga for Core Strength & Stability

core strength

Saturday 15th June – 10-12.30

Strong core muscles to stabilise and support the spine – We’re not interested in building a rock hard six-pack, for this!

Learn unique ways to power up from your core without a ‘crunch in the bunch’

The core muscles wrap around the torso and are responsible for supporting your spine and internal organs.

Weak abdominal muscles can contribute to back pain, balance issues and our ability to do everyday activities like walking and running.

In fact, even having a too rigid six pack ( rectus abdominals) can affect the whole postural alignment. Releasing tension encourages more suppleness in the abdominals for deep breathing.

This workshop will provide you with an innovative sequence of yoga for core strength, incorporating up to date movement science. My approach is combining yoga wisdom with dynamic movements to support your whole body and mind.

Moving from a well-engaged core, means more ease of movement in daily life and energy to try challenging yoga poses, such as arm balances and explore infinite possibilities.

Whether you are a yoga teacher or yoga student there will be lots of valuable information that you can incorporate into your regular yoga practice.

So, forget about hardcore this is about a beautiful reflexive core!

Suitable for all levels

Investment £28 booking in advance essential to avoid disappointment

Venue: All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd NG2 5BP

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