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how to survive as a yoga teacher

Two of the most popular yoga business issues, I get asked advice on, is:

1. How do I take the leap into full-time yoga teaching?

2. How do I price with confidence and avoid constant cancellations?

It involves flipping your perspective, and most importantly, believing that a yoga career is absolutely a legitimate career.

If you find yourself saying “I’d be happy to teach for free” Why aren’t you? Or maybe, you often feel you may as well be because of the constant unpredictability of students. It’s very frustrating to set up a class and then get to a point of wondering whether to close it or whether offering free classes might get people to come.

You’re not alone!

I’ve always believed that the exchange of money, in return for teaching people the tools, to enhance their well-being is a very fair one.

What do you believe?

The Yoga Oasis sessions are an opportunity for you to learn real strategies to build a vibrant full-time career:
How to find and work with your ideal students
How to create workshops, retreats & specialisms with confidence.

These in-person seminars are open only to people who believe that teaching yoga is more than a hobby, that it can be a wonderful, satisfying career and they want to be part of that community.

The last Yoga Oasis caused this great review,

“Thank you very much! I really loved the oasis, totally worth it,
also think you are creating a nice community of yoga teachers without any feeling of competition that sometimes you find in some, everyone sharing their doubts and fears makes it more honest and enjoyable. I loved it.”

The next Oasis to Enhance Your Yoga Career is happening in Derby, at Stay Well Health  on 11th May, 1-4pm

Booking & Details HERE

And finally, if you can’t meet me in person then I offer 121 online mentoring, if you want to learn more then arrange a free 30-minute discovery call. Email   info

Enhance & Advance Your Career 

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