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Build your yoga business with heart & integrity.

Enjoy an uplifting, inspiring and supportive session to empower you.

Join me in Nottingham on Saturday 7th September

10.30 to 1.30

Do you ever struggle to fill your classes or workshops?

Yoga classes are very seasonal, have you noticed how busy gyms and studios become in the new year? Then by summer maybe the numbers have dropped and you’re left wondering where have your students gone.

Empty yoga classes and of course, fewer students equals a smaller income for you which creates insecurity and stress.

Do you feel comfortable pricing your services?  Teachers frequently come to me for advice on how to do this well.

Would you love to feel more confident about the value you give to your students, eliminating overwhelm?

Worrying about attracting students, social media & managing finances without support or advice is exhausting and you don’t have to put up with it!

My yoga career has spanned 15 years experience of creating & establishing classes, workshops, private yoga & retreats.

Understanding WHO my dream students were was a massive game-changer in finally pinpointing where my energy needed to go.

It’s possible that you don’t need a lovely logo, advanced yoga poses or even more certifications to find the students you dream of teaching and sustainable yoga business.

The Oasis sessions are unique, Yoga Mentor in-person events. I am here to support you. 

• Untangle confusion around money
• Talk directly to your dream students
• Learn 4 vital steps to help them find you

Hone in on your authenticity as your superpower rather than feeling you must fit into a “yoga teacher mould’

As a yoga business creator & passionate yoga teacher mentor, I help teachers who feel held back to become bolder and flourish with heart & integrity.


4 steps to finding your dream students

Group discussion of real-life situations & solutions

Tips on finding your target market

Investment £28        Places limited to 10

Venue All Hallows Halls, NG2 5BP

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