The truth about getting more yoga students

how to fill your yoga class

Working out how to fill your yoga classes can feel like a mystery.

I used to look at other yoga teachers and think how did they fill their yoga classes so easily when I’m bouncing between no shows and a handful.

My guess was that it was down to me.

Not being good enough, interesting enough, not looking like a ‘real yoga teacher’ all the BS.

It feels like your peers are always fully booked and you’re getting left behind.

The slippery slope of self-doubt and shame gremlins; Comparison, imposter syndrome and the green-eyed monster.

I started teaching in 2005, it took me 3 to 4 years and a couple of lovely yoga students who happened to work in marketing that offered me business advice. I learnt, perhaps it might not be about me BUT that people didn’t even know about me.

Which is why after over a decade as a full-time yoga teacher that I’m certain the reason you’re struggling to fill your yoga class or workshops is NOT about you.

As a yoga teacher mentor, the same issues are still coming up and teachers are quick to blame their teaching skills without investing in the business side.

Improving things requires you to look at the bigger picture and change your perspective.

How much do you want busier classes and better teaching opportunities?

Do you care if your situation is the same next year?

If you answered no to the second question then it sounds like you have an expensive hobby!

If you’re ready to invest in your yoga career and create a thriving business long term then you can work with me to confidently grow your business with heart and integrity.

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Are you ready to try my top tips and start finding your yoga students?

Here are 3 tips to try today:

  1. Tell People – Sounds obvious but we need to help people find us. You need to be consistent. Make sure students have a clear call to action: How to book & where

2. Nurture your existing students- build rapport, get to know their names and help students trust you.

3. Send an email – Keep in touch with your students, let them know where to find you and what you’ve been up to in class. Once a month is ok to fortnightly or even weekly

When was the last time you sent an email? When teachers come to me for help and we investigate where they’re losing money and energy it’s common for them to realise that they’ve not contacted their students in months.

If students have not been able to get to class how do they hear what you’re doing?

A lot of teachers worry about being pushy and that isn’t the case if you email your students with a friendly nudge to say hi how are you?

Remember that we all lead busy lives and even students with the best intentions to get to their beloved yoga class can struggle with commitment.

Give my tips a try and let me know.

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