Spine Awakening ~ bye to slouching

sustainable yoga backbends

A session of twists and progressive sustainable yoga backbends to juice your spine.

23rd November 10 to 12.30

Awaken the spine to reverse habitual motions of hunching and slouching forward.

One step at a time, practice sustainable yoga exercises to mobilise the upper back and help to reset posture that is ideal for any student looking to reconnect with the fundamentals of backbending with a sustainable approach.

Looking at cobra, locust and natarajasana finding more length and stability of the spine.

Strengthen the back body while building awareness of the deep muscles needed for safe and stable backbends.

Learn to integrate movements with traditional yoga poses to inform your body intelligence and awareness.
Open up space, energise and uplift!

Venue: All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd, Nottingham NG2 5BP

Investment £25 / £28  early bird rate until 4th November

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