Benefits of Private Yoga: 5 Reasons it Could be Right for You

nottingham private yoga

Having private yoga lessons isn’t just for the likes of celebrities and tycoons.

The people that come to me for private yoga lessons in Nottingham are regular men and women who are frustrated at their lack of time for exercise and want the motivation and discipline of working with a private yoga teacher.

Here are 5 reasons it could be your best move:

1. Personalised attention- Rather than being one of a large group, you have the full attention of your teacher with personalised guidance on alignment and modifications for your needs. Feel free to ask questions as you practice.

2. Boost your confidence-Some of my students are completely new to yoga and feel nervous about joining a group class. Working 121 we work at a pace that meets you where you are and supports you to feel healthy and strong.

3. Bespoke Lessons – Each class is tailored for your specific needs from working on a desired goal such as improving core strength, rehabilitation after injury or illness to complimenting your sports training.

Rather than fitting in with a group class theme you can have sessions tailored to your needs in that particular moment. If you’ve had a hectic time you can choose to have a whole session of relaxing restorative yoga to support your daily life.

4. In-Depth practice – In a private yoga class you can deepen and refine your yoga. Do you have questions about your practice, a pose or suitable modification? Private lessons can support your existing yoga practice.

5. Schedule sessions at your convenience –Make regular yoga practice easy by being able to schedule sessions at the best time for you. Enjoy yoga lessons in the comfort of your home, office or my yoga space in Nottingham.

I teach in West Bridgford and other parts of Nottinghamshire do get in touch to discuss booking private lessons

Here’s what one of my students had to say about the benefits of private yoga:

After chatting through what I wanted to get out of the sessions, Monique designed a plan for me which focused on strength building in a more sustainable way. Monique’s emphasis is on providing you with a foundational toolkit to enhance your yoga practice.

Her style of teaching (in both group and 1-2-1 classes) will challenge you, but in a supportive and playful way, whilst ensuring you are not risking injury. She provides more guidance around and understanding of technique than many teachers, and aims to ensure a practice with a stronger foundation. Monique is friendly, warm, and knowledgeable and, importantly, she makes the sessions interesting and fun. An hour passes by in a flash! I would wholeheartedly recommend Monique for private sessions.

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