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Yoga Tips to Beat the Heat & Cool Down


I love summertime for the longer days, being outdoors and the sunshine. What I don’t cope so well with is sweltering heat. If you are in a heatwave and finding it too hot to handle then try these two yoga tips to cool down. Avoid yoga poses that tend to build heat like sun salutations, […]

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Finding your voice as a yoga teacher


Over these ten years of being a full time yoga teacher, there have been many lessons to learn that were not taught in my trainings. At first, as a super green and nervous yoga teacher all I thought about were class plans, how can I rock the class?! I was so keen for the sequences […]

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Yoga Workshops? Why Bother?


Yoga  workshops?  Why bother? A common question that I get asked by yogis (old and new) is if they are experienced enough to attend one of my yoga workshops. The answer is, “Yes, absolutely!”  My workshops are designed for a range of levels, and I pride myself on having the teaching knowledge and experience to […]

Ayurveda Health Tips for a Healthy Autumn


Ayurveda is closely linked to yoga but apart from my own guess work at what dosha I am, I’ve never investigated further. Until recently, after encouragement from Veronica Layunta- Maurel, Akasha Yoga Centre Director and an Ayurveda Health Coach, I had a consultation with ayurveda practitioner Sharon Jackson of Ayurveda Lifestyle. Currently into week 2 […]

How to love yourself~with mindfulness and yoga


Anna Taylor is a wonderful yoga teacher, mindfulness and yoga therapist based in London. We have collaborated for several years, running weekend yoga retreats and I love her sessions! Anna’s blog on how to love yourself and self compassion, has many useful tips for us all to be our own valentine. Connection and love, is […]

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How Yoga helped me celebrate my Curves


My guest blogger is Nottingham artist Charlotte Thomson-Morley, we met when Charlotte attended my yoga classes, and spoke to me of her desire to create some positive yoga body image inspired, illustrations, that give positive affirmations but also the images are of beautiful curvy women practising yoga. The results are just fabulous. Yoga is absolutely […]

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Make a Fresh Start~Yoga For All


This summer has been full of transitions for me, as I turned 50 and prepare to send my eldest son off to Uni. A mixture of emotions, pride, excitement and nervousness at what the future will bring. Thank goodness for Yoga, 15 years ago as a complete beginner, it helped me feel more like me […]

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why don’t we do it in the road?~The meaning of yoga


The photographs featured on my website and Facebook have created a lot of interest from people curious about the meaning of yoga, even from some who had never considered yoga at all. They were certainly a lot of fun to create, jumping in out of postures between rush hour cyclists and abandoning my fear of […]

How to make My Favourite Energy Balls!


My photograph does not do these yummy balls justice! They may appear slightly odd looking but they are delicious, healthy snacks. I tend to get an energy slump around early afternoon and a little sugar free, sweet treat helps to give me a boost, without the dreaded sugar highs and lows. Combined with dates, nuts and seeds,these […]