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sustainable yoga backbends

Spine Awakening ~ bye to slouching


A session of twists and progressive sustainable yoga backbends to juice your spine. 23rd November 10 to 12.30 Awaken the spine to reverse habitual motions of hunching and slouching forward. One step at a time, practice sustainable yoga exercises to mobilise the upper back and help to reset posture that is ideal for any student […]

how to fill your yoga class

The truth about getting more yoga students


Working out how to fill your yoga classes can feel like a mystery. I used to look at other yoga teachers and think how did they fill their yoga classes so easily when I’m bouncing between no shows and a handful. My guess was that it was down to me. Not being good enough, interesting […]

setting up your own yoga class

Setting up your own Yoga Class


Stepping out as a new yoga teacher can feel daunting finding your first students and, the only way to grow your experience is to teach. Now is the time to bring your passion to fruition! There are many ways to be a yoga teacher and where you offer your services. The usual choice is to teach […]

setting up your own yoga class

6 Yoga Teaching Tips to Make Great Workshops


Running yoga workshops is a great way to help your students deepen their yoga knowledge, share your passions and connect with potential new students. So, here’s my top yoga teaching tips on how to run great yoga workshops. Firstly, what is a workshop? Its in the word – a place to focus on a specific […]

weekend yoga retreat

Weekend Yoga Retreat Sept 2019


Relax, Restore & Revitalise: Rural Weekend Yoga Retreat Friday 13th – Sunday 15th September 2019 Potash Barns, near Brundish, Suffolk Let your summer linger longer with this beautiful rural weekend yoga retreat. Taught in conjunction with  lovely yoga teacher & therapist Anna Taylor, we will combine restorative practices to ease away your week, and invigorating, dynamic […]

how to survive as a yoga teacher

Feast or Famine: How a Yoga Teacher Survives


Does the business of Yoga feel like Feast Or Famine? Sometimes there’s too much work and others, not enough? Do you feel comfortable with pricing? Does your volume of work help you thrive rather than living on crumbs? Have you thought about what you want to earn to enable you to live happily? What I […]

yoga mentor yoga nottingham

Yoga Mentor Online Programme~ Flourish as a Yoga Teacher


Being a Yoga teacher is a fantastic job, there is nothing finer than seeing your students looking refreshed and relaxed at the end of a beautiful session that you have facilitated and delivered. The truth is Yoga teachers have to spin a lot of different plates to be able to provide great classes and survive […]

successful yoga teacher

How to be a Happy and Successful Yoga Teacher


Are you are a happy yoga teacher for the majority of the time?  If so, congratulations!  I consider feeling happy with where and how you teach to be a true sign of  being a successful yoga teacher . Non yoga teachers tend to think a yoga teacher’s working life is stress free and we blissfully, […]

yoga teacher, yoga festival

Finding your voice as a yoga teacher


Over these ten years of being a full time yoga teacher, there have been many lessons to learn that were not taught in my trainings. At first, as a super green and nervous yoga teacher all I thought about were class plans, how can I rock the class?! I was so keen for the sequences […]

yoga business, yogateachers

The Winter Yoga Love Session


The Winter Yoga Love Session is a mini urban retreat for women, with a live DJ set to get us in to our flow. Sunday 5th February 2017 – 2-4pm Led by experienced Nottingham teachers Monique and yoga teacher Rachel H. As February is the month of love this is a perfect time to gift […]