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Start Yoga in 2018! New Yoga Beginner’s Course


If you are curious about the practice of yoga and how it helps strength, flexibility & destress  this is for you! The next 4 week Beginner’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga course starts on Monday 15th January 2018 8.15-9.15pm A perfect place to dip your toe into the deep yoga waters, suitable for people wanting an active […]

Why are my Yoga Students Yawning?! Yoga Teaching Tips


Am I boring my students? This was a great question from a yoga teacher because we all worry about how our students are receiving our offerings. If you tend to jump to the assumption that any yawning, or stern looks are students not enjoying your classes, I give you a couple of tips on how […]

How to make My Favourite Energy Balls!


My photograph does not do these yummy balls justice! They may appear slightly odd looking but they are delicious, healthy snacks. I tend to get an energy slump around early afternoon and a little sugar free, sweet treat helps to give me a boost, without the dreaded sugar highs and lows. Combined with dates, nuts and seeds,these […]

The Art of Self Care- Taking Time Out


How do you define Self Care? The word keeps cropping up in conversations lately, we seem to want it a lot, struggle to find the time and space to do it, and then to cap it all off, feel guilty when we have managed to take time out! Self care is about taking care of […]

Self Care & Nourishment for Relaxation


Allow me to introduce to you Misia Smith- Advanced skin health and massage practitioner. From Soothe, West Bridgford Misia offers fantastic facials and massages I love them! Yoga is wonderful for helping to de stress but at times we need a deeper release that touch therapies create. Sometimes we feel guilty taking ‘me time’ but […]