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sustainable yoga backbends

Spine Awakening ~ bye to slouching


A session of twists and progressive sustainable yoga backbends to juice your spine. 23rd November 10 to 12.30 Awaken the spine to reverse habitual motions of hunching and slouching forward. One step at a time, practice sustainable yoga exercises to mobilise the upper back and help to reset posture that is ideal for any student […]

yoga business

Yoga Teacher’s Oasis~untangle marketing, money & boundaries


Build your yoga business with heart & integrity. Enjoy an uplifting, inspiring and supportive session to empower you. Join me in Nottingham on Saturday 7th September 10.30 to 1.30 Do you ever struggle to fill your classes or workshops? Yoga classes are very seasonal, have you noticed how busy gyms and studios become in the new […]

yoga business

Yoga Oasis for Yoga Teachers~ Enhance your Career * in Derby


Nurture your yoga career this year! Saturday May 11th, 1 to 4pm @Stay Well Health studio, Chellaston, Derby Many Yoga teachers feel overwhelmed and drained at trying to differentiate themselves in the Yoga world. Understanding how to establish a sustainable teaching career is not covered in a typical 200 hr teacher training. My mantra is, […]

core strength

Yoga for Core Strength & Stability


Saturday 15th June – 10-12.30 Strong core muscles to stabilise and support the spine – We’re not interested in building a rock hard six-pack, for this! Learn unique ways to power up from your core without a ‘crunch in the bunch’ The core muscles wrap around the torso and are responsible for supporting your spine […]

yoga for strong shoulders

Yoga for Strong & Supple Shoulders


Saturday 27th April,  10- 12.30pm All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd, Nottingham NG2 5BP This yoga workshop focusing on yoga for strong and supple shoulders will be a wonderful session of  practices to help you release tightness, improve mobility and wellbeing in your shoulders. We can carry so much tension and stress in our shoulders and neck. […]

yoga workshop yoga for hips

Yoga for Healthy Hips for Strength & Mobility


Yoga for Healthy Hips Workshop at FlowMotion studio, Matlock Saturday 12th October 2019 ~ 10- 12.30pm Happy, healthy hips can move with ease and efficiency into running, squatting, balancing and smoothly getting up and down from the ground. But, if we don’t nurture our body with a full range of movements it becomes accustomed to habitual […]

yoga teacher, private yoga

Yoga Teacher’s Oasis~The Art of Teaching Private Yoga


Teaching private yoga that supports your students and empowers you. Saturday 8th September 10-1pm Teaching yoga to your students one on one can be wonderful, to tailor yoga practices more precisely to their needs. Whether it’s creating bespoke lessons to help them progress to a more challenging yoga pose, injury rehabilitation or simply Me Time. […]

yoga backbends, yoga workshop

Radiant Heart Flow for A New Year


Saturday 20th January 2018 10-12.30 You are invited to begin the New Year with a blissful ‘heart openers’ Yoga backbends  workshop for 2018 Shed the old that’s no longer needed and enjoy a renewed sense of strength and vitality. Make room for new experiences & new perspectives as you flow through a theme of  backbend […]

yoga teacher training

The Yoga Teacher’s Oasis ~ A Haven to Blossom


 An Immersion for Yoga Teachers Learn tools after Yoga teacher training to feel well prepared and forge your own path. Saturday 18th November 2017 1.30-4.30pm Many Yoga teachers can become overwhelmed and drained at trying to distinguish yourself in the Yoga world and establish a sustainable teaching career. My mantra is work smarter not harder […]