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core strength

Creative Yoga For Core Strength Blast ~Guest Workshop


Join Monique At FlowMotion.Life Studio in Matlock Saturday 12th May 2018, 10- 13.00 Step into spring with a creative, yoga for core strength blast. Learn unique ways to power up from your core without a ‘crunch in the bunch’! Moving from a properly engaged core means there is more energy to try challenging yoga poses such […]

yoga backbends, yoga workshop

Radiant Heart Flow for A New Year


Saturday 20th January 2018 10-12.30 You are invited to begin the New Year with a blissful ‘heart openers’ Yoga backbends  workshop for 2018 Shed the old that’s no longer needed and enjoy a renewed sense of strength and vitality. Make room for new experiences & new perspectives as you flow through a theme of  backbend […]

yoga teacher training

The Yoga Teacher’s Oasis ~ A Haven to Blossom


 An Immersion for Yoga Teachers Learn tools after Yoga teacher training to feel well prepared and forge your own path. Saturday 18th November 2017 1.30-4.30pm Many Yoga teachers can become overwhelmed and drained at trying to distinguish yourself in the Yoga world and establish a sustainable teaching career. My mantra is work smarter not harder […]

yoga hands on assists,yoga teaching

Yoga Hands on Assists for Yoga Teachers & Trainees


Improve your confidence in using Yoga hands on assists to safely guide your students. Saturday 2nd September 2017 ~  1.30-4.30pm It can take a long time after qualifying to feel comfortable incorporating assisting into your teaching. This workshop will focus on some key postures we encounter in a typical yoga class: Downward dog, Child’s pose, […]

yoga mentor yoga nottingham

Yoga Mentor Online Programme~ Flourish as a Yoga Teacher


Being a Yoga teacher is a fantastic job, there is nothing finer than seeing your students looking refreshed and relaxed at the end of a beautiful session that you have facilitated and delivered. The truth is Yoga teachers have to spin a lot of different plates to be able to provide great classes and survive […]

hip openers

Summer Magic – A Hip Opening & Flowing


Celebrate Midsummer Magic with a stimulating and activating hip opener workshop Saturday 24th     June 2-4pm Enjoy a yoga workshop session that incorporates asana with music and mudras to celebrate your successes and release tight hips to feel freer in mind and body. Practice creative vinyasa flow variations of surya namaskars, sun salutations, to […]

yoga binds, yoga workshop , nottingham

Yoga Binds to Unwind & Release


Yoga Binds to Unwind  Workshop Saturday 6th May 10am-12.30pm Yoga binds are postures that we wrap arms, legs or yoga props around the body. The body becomes ‘bound’ and takes us physically deeper into the pose. Embracing yoga binds takes us on a path to deepen our practice and yoga journey. What are the benefits? […]

The Winter Yoga Love Session


The Winter Yoga Love Session is a mini urban retreat for women, with a live DJ set to get us in to our flow. Sunday 5th February 2017 – 2-4pm Led by experienced Nottingham teachers Monique and yoga teacher Rachel H. As February is the month of love this is a perfect time to gift […]

Creative Core Strength


October 29th~2pm to 4pm What is Core strength? Our yogic perspective is much broader than trying to attain a ‘six pack’. As well as improving balance and stability we find a deeper inner strength that supports us continually. Improved core strength improves posture and supporting the lower back can relieve back pain. Moving from a […]

yoga backbends

The Mandala of Backbends


A yoga workshop focusing on the how and why of  backbends When: 24th September,  10 to 12.30 Yoga backbends should feel very different from that phrase ‘bend over backwards’ which is used to express extra effort that’s been made for someone else, usually without any thanks! When you understand the alignment needed and a lifting sensation instead […]