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The Winter Yoga Love Session


The Winter Yoga Love Session is a mini urban retreat for women, with a live DJ set to get us in to our flow. Sunday 5th February 2017 – 2-4pm Led by experienced Nottingham teachers Monique and yoga teacher Rachel H. As February is the month of love this is a perfect time to gift […]

Creative Core Strength


October 29th~2pm to 4pm What is Core strength? Our yogic perspective is much broader than trying to attain a ‘six pack’. As well as improving balance and stability we find a deeper inner strength that supports us continually. Improved core strength improves posture and supporting the lower back can relieve back pain. Moving from a […]

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The Mandala of Backbends


A yoga workshop focusing on the how and why of  backbends When: 24th September,  10 to 12.30 Yoga backbends should feel very different from that phrase ‘bend over backwards’ which is used to express extra effort that’s been made for someone else, usually without any thanks! When you understand the alignment needed and a lifting sensation instead […]

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Yoga Workshop~Arm Balance & Going Upside Down


Next Nottingham Yoga Workshop Saturday 11th June, 10 to 12.30 A yoga workshop, of luxurious, vinyasa yoga to strengthen shoulders, fire up the core and help you to feel strong in inversions. Practice arm balances,  from Crow, Eka Pada Koundiyasana and beyond. Move beyond the anxiety of going upside down. Learning arm balances improves balance, […]

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Inner Strength, Outer Fluidity~ Yoga Backbends Workshop


Saturday 3rd October, 10am ~ 12.30 Autumn is a season of change, a time of transformation and letting go . This time of year can at times create feelings of being ungrounded or restless. As an antidote, enjoy  a warming vinyasa flow yoga workshop that has vibrant, backbends , hip openers, stretches for tight chests, shoulders and […]