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hip openers

Summer Magic – A Hip Opening & Flowing


Celebrate Midsummer Magic with a stimulating and activating hip opener workshop Saturday 24th     June 2-4pm Enjoy a yoga workshop session that incorporates asana with music and mudras to celebrate your successes and release tight hips to feel freer in mind and body. Practice creative vinyasa flow variations of surya namaskars, sun salutations, to […]

yoga levels, yoga classes

Which Yoga Level to Choose


Are you wondering which yoga class to sign up to? Some of my classes are listed as a mixed level class that’s from yoga level 1-3 and the sequences are devised to offer variations of poses to suit all, from beginner’s to advanced. Joining a class that is dedicated to a specific yoga level, allows […]

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The Winter Yoga Love Session


The Winter Yoga Love Session is a mini urban retreat for women, with a live DJ set to get us in to our flow. Sunday 5th February 2017 – 2-4pm Led by experienced Nottingham teachers Monique and yoga teacher Rachel H. As February is the month of love this is a perfect time to gift […]

Vinyasa playlist for yoga


Below are some of my current favourites to add to my vinyasa class playlists. Not to run consecutively, but they each have a special quality to add to your yoga session. Music is a tricky thing, as we don’t all find the same songs uplifting. I find it strange, if in a class there is […]

yoga teacher

Make a Fresh Start~Yoga For All


This summer has been full of transitions for me, as I turned 50 and prepare to send my eldest son off to Uni. A mixture of emotions, pride, excitement and nervousness at what the future will bring. Thank goodness for Yoga, 15 years ago as a complete beginner, it helped me feel more like me […]

the meaning of yoga

why don’t we do it in the road?~The meaning of yoga


The photographs featured on my website and Facebook have created a lot of interest from people curious about the meaning of yoga, even from some who had never considered yoga at all. They were certainly a lot of fun to create, jumping in out of postures between rush hour cyclists and abandoning my fear of […]

yoga backbends

Inner Strength, Outer Fluidity~ Yoga Backbends Workshop


Saturday 3rd October, 10am ~ 12.30 Autumn is a season of change, a time of transformation and letting go . This time of year can at times create feelings of being ungrounded or restless. As an antidote, enjoy  a warming vinyasa flow yoga workshop that has vibrant, backbends , hip openers, stretches for tight chests, shoulders and […]

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Introduction to Vinyasa Flow Yoga


Saturday 19th September  10.15am to 12.15am Venue: The Body Centre, The Green, Ruddington NG11 6HH During this introduction to vinyasa flow for beginners, you will gain a good understanding of flow yoga, a dynamic, energetic style linking movement with the breath. This helps us to maintain a calm, clear focused mind, which is great on […]

The Art of Self Care- Taking Time Out


How do you define Self Care? The word keeps cropping up in conversations lately, we seem to want it a lot, struggle to find the time and space to do it, and then to cap it all off, feel guilty when we have managed to take time out! Self care is about taking care of […]