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how to fill your yoga class

The truth about getting more yoga students


Working out how to fill your yoga classes can feel like a mystery. I used to look at other yoga teachers and think how did they fill their yoga classes so easily when I’m bouncing between no shows and a handful. My guess was that it was down to me. Not being good enough, interesting […]

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10 Tips to Build Confidence as a New Yoga Teacher


Whoop whoop, congratulations you made it through yoga teacher training and you’ve got the certificate to prove it! Now what? The thing about teaching is we have to do it to refine and perfect our skills which means standing up in front of new students who await your every cue with bated breath. It would […]

how to survive as a yoga teacher

Yoga +Money~The Business of Yoga


Two of the most popular yoga business issues, I get asked advice on, is: 1. How do I take the leap into full-time yoga teaching? 2. How do I price with confidence and avoid constant cancellations? It involves flipping your perspective, and most importantly, believing that a yoga career is absolutely a legitimate career. If […]

yoga teacher training

The Yoga Teacher’s Oasis ~ A Haven to Blossom


 An Immersion for Yoga Teachers Learn tools after Yoga teacher training to feel well prepared and forge your own path. Saturday 18th November 2017 1.30-4.30pm Many Yoga teachers can become overwhelmed and drained at trying to distinguish yourself in the Yoga world and establish a sustainable teaching career. My mantra is work smarter not harder […]