A lot of new students will ask me what I should wear to a yoga class…

I suggest you wear either a fitted vest and a pair of leggings or shorts. Alternatively, loose, light clothing that isn’t restrictive is fine but try to avoid buttons, belts and underwires which can cause discomfort in some of the poses. If you have a mat, bring one and a bottle of water to help you keep hydrated as you build-up heat. If you have practised yoga before, and you’ve invested in yoga belts and blocks, please bring them. I do bring extra mats, straps and blocks to every class so don’t worry if you haven’t got any of these quite yet!

I aim to create and foster a friendly atmosphere in my classes so that all newcomers feel as welcome as those of you who have been rolling out your mats in my classes for years.

For old and new students, I’m always available to discuss your needs or medical concerns before you begin a class, via email or inbox me on Facebook.

Yoga Classes Nottingham:

Throughout my classes, I will both demonstrate and give you clear instructions on alignment to help guide you through the sequence of poses. I do offer ‘hands-on assists’ but rest assured, I am very mindful of your personal comfort levels and if this method isn’t for you, then feel free to let me know so I may offer you verbal instructions.