Can’t touch your toes? Feel too stiff for yoga? Rest assured when I first tried yoga, I couldn’t touch my toes either but with regular practice and through recognising I had to start somewhere, I eventually reached the floor!

You might be asking yourself, “What is Vinyasa Flow yoga?”
Vinyasa (vin-YA-sa) literally means to place in a special way. It is breath-synchronised movement;  breath and movement are united smoothly together.

Vinyasa movements are almost dance-like and also energetic as the sequence flows from one posture to the next it builds strength and calms the mind. You will hear me offer ‘modifications’ in my classes. This simply means I’m giving my students a variety of options so that even if it’s your first yoga class or you’re a seasoned yogi, you’re able to give an asana (a yoga position) a go. You’ll be happy to know that we end each yoga class with svasana (shah-VAHS-ahnah) where you’ll lay down to calm the brain and relax the mind before setting off home.

Yoga Nottingham

I teach yoga in Nottingham so, please have a look at my weekly schedule for further details of where and when I hold regular Nottingham yoga classes. I also offer weekend workshops in Nottingham, residential retreats, collaborative yoga workshops and bespoke yoga classes in the workplace and mentoring to yoga teachers on a one to one basis. All of my yoga events will be advertised on here, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram so you’re aware of all of the diverse yoga opportunities that I offer to help guide you in your yoga journey.