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yoga for strong shoulders

Yoga for Strong & Supple Shoulders


Saturday 27th April,  10- 12.30pm All Hallows Halls, Pierrepont Rd, Nottingham NG2 5BP This yoga workshop focusing on yoga for strong and supple shoulders will be a wonderful session of  practices to help you release tightness, improve mobility and wellbeing in your shoulders. We can carry so much tension and stress in our shoulders and neck. […]

yoga teaching, yoga mentor

10 Tips to Build Confidence as a New Yoga Teacher


Whoop whoop, congratulations you made it through yoga teacher training and you’ve got the certificate to prove it! Now what? The thing about teaching is we have to do it to refine and perfect our skills which means standing up in front of new students who await your every cue with bated breath. It would […]

yoga teacher tips

6 Yoga Teaching Tips to Make Great Workshops


Running yoga workshops is a great way to help your students deepen their yoga knowledge, share your passions and connect with potential new students. So, here’s my top yoga teaching tips on how to run great yoga workshops. Firstly, what is a workshop? Its in the word – a place to focus on a specific […]

how to survive as a yoga teacher

Yoga +Money~The Business of Yoga


Two of the most popular yoga business issues, I get asked advice on, is: 1. How do I take the leap into full time yoga teaching? 2. How do I price with confidence and avoid constant cancellations? It involves flipping your perspective, and most importantly, believing that a yoga career is absolutely a legitimate career. […]

how to survive as a yoga teacher

Feast or Famine: How a Yoga Teacher Survives


Does the business of Yoga feel like Feast Or Famine? Sometimes there’s too much work and others, not enough? Do you feel comfortable with pricing? Does your volume of work help you thrive rather than living on crumbs? Have you thought about what you want to earn to enable you to live happily? What I […]

yoga teacher

Start Yoga in 2018! New Yoga Beginner’s Course


If you are curious about the practice of yoga and how it helps strength, flexibility & destress  this is for you! The next 4 week Beginner’s Vinyasa Flow Yoga course starts on Monday 15th January 2018 8.15-9.15pm A perfect place to dip your toe into the deep yoga waters, suitable for people wanting an active […]

yoga teachers , yoga teaching, burn out

Yoga Teachers- Why Do They Burn Out? Tactics to avoid it


I recently heard a well respected Yoga Teacher describe the yoga teaching world, as being similar to the Wild West, the image of a wild unruly time, may not be what we imagine as we think about Yoga but it totally nails how I feel about working as a Yoga teacher. I’ve been teaching for […]

yoga hands on assists,yoga teaching

Yoga Hands on Assists for Yoga Teachers & Trainees


Improve your confidence in using Yoga hands on assists to safely guide your students. Saturday 2nd September 2017 ~  1.30-4.30pm It can take a long time after qualifying to feel comfortable incorporating assisting into your teaching. This workshop will focus on some key postures we encounter in a typical yoga class: Downward dog, Child’s pose, […]

yoga mentor yoga nottingham

Yoga Mentor Online Programme~ Flourish as a Yoga Teacher


Being a Yoga teacher is a fantastic job, there is nothing finer than seeing your students looking refreshed and relaxed at the end of a beautiful session that you have facilitated and delivered. The truth is Yoga teachers have to spin a lot of different plates to be able to provide great classes and survive […]

hip openers

Summer Magic – A Hip Opening & Flowing


Celebrate Midsummer Magic with a stimulating and activating hip opener workshop Saturday 24th     June 2-4pm Enjoy a yoga workshop session that incorporates asana with music and mudras to celebrate your successes and release tight hips to feel freer in mind and body. Practice creative vinyasa flow variations of surya namaskars, sun salutations, to […]